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I have tried using the base map in mapbox_streets_v5 but it doesn't show up well with the labels and the road. How can I use a combination of the mapbox_osm and mapbox_streets? A: mapbox_osm_v2 and mapbox_streets_v5 share an index file format so if you can combine the two you can use both at once. See this example of how to do this. For example, if you wanted to use both basemaps you can call the set_index method like so: import folium mapbox_streets_v5.set_index('mapbox.streets', 'composite', 'leaflet') mapbox_osm_v2.set_index('mapbox.osm', 'composite', 'leaflet') Here is the example you should have been using. mapbox_osm_v2 = folium.Map( zoom_start=14, tiles='mapbox.darkmatter-streets', center_lat=34.543391, center_lon=-120.192773, zoom_end=17 ) mapbox_streets_v5 = folium.Map( Q: Angular directive: getResource() method not found My html:



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Grand Hotel Serie Saison 2 Torrent

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